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With a strong understanding of the elements of a musical, as well as the many genres of musical theatre, your Final Project is to create the “Next Great Broadway Musical”!
You can create a Video, Powerpoint, or Google Slide to ‘pitch’ your new musical to me, the producer. Your pitch should explain and give examples (when possible) of the book, music, and dance. This is your chance to get creative, and show me what you’ve learned!
Start by deciding what genre or style of show you wish to create (i.e. a vaudeville, revue, book musical, concept musical…).
Next, decide what the story or book will be. Is it a linear plot, or a non-linear ‘concept’ theme? Is it an original idea or an adaptation of a book? Get creative here, because it will guide much of the project.
Then decide how the music will be integrated. Will it be original music? Will it be a juke-box musical? How can the music aid in telling the story? (*Provide examples!)
With the book and music established, how will dance be utilized in the production? What style of dance will best portray the setting, characters, and emotions in the piece?  (*Provide examples!)
The more detail you put into this ‘pitch’ the better I will be able to see your vision for the production. Do not feel that you need to film yourself singing or dancing, this is not to evaluate your talent! The examples of music and dance can be clips from youtube or other media sources.
Grading: This Final Project is worth 40 total points, and will be broken down in the following way.

  • Book (10 points) – Full credit will be given for a fully explained plot summary, with at least three character descriptions.
  • Music (10 points) – Full credit will be given for a fully integrated musical concept, with clear examples of at least three musical moments.
  • Dance (10 points) – Full credit will be given for a fully integrated dance concept, with clear examples of at least three dance/movement moments.
  • Overall Concept & Design (10 points) – Full credit will be given for a well connected pitch that integrates the book, music, and dance, as well as examples of possible settings and costumes. (*Get creative!) 


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