Psychology homework help

Topic: Evolutionary psychology and human sexuality
Cocks, H. G. (2010). The history of sexuality meets evolutionary psychology. Contemporary British History24(1), 109-129.
Hargons, C., Mosley, D. V., & Stevens-Watkins, D. (2017). Studying sex: A content analysis of sexuality research in counseling psychology. The Counseling Psychologist45(4), 528-546.
Lucas, D., & Fox, J. (2018). The psychology of human sexuality. The psychology of human sexuality. Noba textbook series: Psychology. Champaign, IL: DEF publishers.
Michl, T. D., & Kracen, A. Sexuality: Issues in Adulthood
Your research paper must:

  • Be at least 2,000 words in length
  • Include at least three peer-reviewed journal references
  • Be written in APA format
  • This research paper is worth 200 points
  • Include the following sections
    • Title page
    • Abstract
    • Body of paper


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