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I have attach the previous assignment first then I attach the current assignment. PLEASE READ THE RUBRIC IT GIVE SPECIFIC INSTRUCTION.
Also respond to student posts. When responding to your peers’ posts, consider how the work of the scientists they chose has influenced the modern world. Why does their research matter to us as individuals? Are there any connections to the natural-science topic you identified in your news article?
Carin post
I had to start to think like a scientist. What is required of the scientists today that are tracking and studying these storms, recreating different atmosphere’s and making small disturbances to record what the outcome of said disturbance is? While I reviewed the course material over and over trying to find a link between the scientists in the material and my article I couldn’t link those scientists with the study of hurricanes.
I decided to do my own research, if this was not permitted I apologize. What I found however was that Benito Vines in 1870 began the study of hurricanes in Cuba. He devoted most of his adult life to the science of meteorology as well as patterns in weather, and changes of climates and of course hurricanes. The information in which he collected data was in regard to barometric pressure, evaporation, rainfall, temperature, humidity, cloud formation, and wind speed and direction. His direct observations itself led to tracking and predicting of hurricanes as well as weather forecast. Surely Vines studies and observations have paved the way for weather watching, predicting, and forecasting the weather. These studies are directly related to the article in which is chose regarding changes in atmosphere that cause these storms to occur. Without the discoveries of Vines, which progressed into further studies, more technology and information needed today to continue learning about the atmosphere and weather scientists today may not be able to conduct the studies they do regarding weather and storms.
Shalamar post
The initial article I chose from Science Daily was, ” Look beyond opioids to solve national substance use epidemic.” The scientist that goes hand and hand with this article is Aristotle. Aristotle was a Greek Philosopher that covered many subjects, including physics, biology, ethics, logic, psychology, politics, government, poetry, and many more. His specializations would help focus on people’s substance abuse issues. I believe his methods would help with opioid complexities. Aristotle Being prone to politics and government could help the nation fight this epidemic.
Science has impacted everyday living and exposed the modern impact medicine has on us. I would categorize the opioid crisis as apart of physical science. Aristotle’s views on physics, ethics, and logical thinking are still influencing us today. Aristotle’s philosophical theory “hylomorphism,” which is the concepts of a particular substance and its essence. The opioid is the substance, and the way it affects our bodies would be the essence. When you think of science, Aristotle is apart of the foundation.


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