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Replies: Respond to at least two classmates’ posts, adding substantive content to the discussion. To encourage an atmosphere of a conversational discussion, citations, and reference are not required for the reply posts.
Kate B
Life coaching is so much more than I thought it was two months ago.  I have gleaned many insights and truths about life coaching through this course.  My goal is to apply what I have learned in my future life and practice.  These things not only touch me professionally but also personally.  I have learned how humility, maturity, and self-reflection all play a role in who I am as a person who functions as a coach.  The ability to listen well, the skill of asking perceptive questions and the art of summarizing and following up are all essential to the profession of coaching (Webb, 2019).  I aim to fine-tune my mindset, skillset, and toolset to become the best version of myself as I help others become the best version of themselves.
I have learned coaching is not about sharing your story with the expectation of someone gleaning something empowering from it.  Life coaching is about clearing your mind of yourself, tuning in to God’s hopes for your client, listening with discernment, asking intentional questions to ultimately enable someone to step into living their God-designed life.  This truly is a high calling and an incredible joy.  As I have grown as a person, I realize now that life is more enjoyable when it is not always about me, but rather about others.  Jesus modeled selflessness.  He was always about his Father’s business, and so my heart wants the same as I step into coaching.
Lastly, it is truly important to me to always be a coach who incorporates God in every aspect of my life.  I want my integrity in my faith to be deep-rooted.  It is important to me to be able to identify where God is at work in my own life, aim to surrender to His ways when they go beyond my understanding, and be brave enough to follow through as God stretches me and calls me deeper (Blackaby & Royall, 2018).  When God is this prevalent in my own life, I believe I will be able to be a better coach.  A coach who can ask powerful, spirit-led questions.  Questions that reveal how God is at work around them, how God is real to them individually, how He is drawing them to partner with Him on earth, how God is speaking to them, how He is allowing challenges to grow them, how obedience to Him may look different than previous seasons, and how God has used them in their everyday lives (Blackaby & Royall, 2018).  We tend to believe God only wants to use our strengths, but if you read the Bible, you can see that God used most people who were weak (Blackaby & Royall, 2018).  This inspired me and gave me confidence that I can be used in the areas my heart is longing to be used as a coach.
Blackaby, R., & Royall, B. (2018). Spiritual leadership coaching: Connecting people to God’s heart and purposes. Blackaby Ministries International.
Webb, K. E. (2019). The coach model for Christian leaders. Morgan James Publishing.
Jacquelyn H.  
I will be taking the COACH Model with me to use for coaching as well as for my life. I learned that Connecting with a client can help build a trusting relationship. Webb discussed the power of small talk (Webb, 2019). Small talk can show an individual that you genuinely care about what he or she is saying. I can use this in my personal life. I can use the power of small talk with my husband to talk about his day to see how he is feeling. I can also use this with my children. I believe parents need to have a connection and a trusting relationship with their children.
I will also use powerful questions with clients as well as my personal life. My husband is currently part of a company that is brand new. He is Director of Network Operations and have had several issues pop up. I have been asking questions to see if he can look at the problem from a different angle. By asking him questions, he has created action steps that he and his coworkers will utilize in the coming week.  2 Timothy 1:7 (ESV)  “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline.” I believe in asking questions, people can gain a better insight on whatever issue he or she may be facing. I can ask questions to my children in any issue that they may be facing to help them look at the problem from a different angle.
Webb, K. E. (2019). The Coach Model for Christian leaders: powerful leadership skills for solving problems, reaching goals, and developing others. NY, NY: Morgan & James Publishing.


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