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4. Support/Educational/Self-Help Group Process Exercise (20 points)
Each student will select an open support group to propose during these times of Public
Health Crisis. (AA, Grief, Anxiety), educational group (symptoms of the Coronavirus,
stress management, educational support group for new homeschool parents, etc.) or
Self-help (assertiveness, relations, health). In other words, during these times of crisis,
what type of support or educational group do you believe would be most beneficial to a
specific population. You choose the population (school age children, family members
experiencing grief/loss, bereavement, etc.).
Each student will produce a brief reflection paper (2 pages double spaced) to describe
the various components of the group. Papers should answer the following:
1. Type of group and the name of the proposed group
2. Location of the group (where should your group meetings be held)
3. Who’s should be the Facilitator? List and describe their credentials and the
qualifications they should have to lead the group
4. Describe the proposed purpose of the group (What should members achieve
after participating in the group?)
5. Describe group development/dynamics
a. Member composition (Who will be invited as participants and how many
group members will be invited?)
b. What type of rules Formal or informal rules/procedures will you employ?
c. Culture (What will be the culture of the group?)
d. Cohesion (how will you ensure group cohesion?)
e. Communication (how will you get members to open up and share?)
f. Confidentiality (how will you ensure confidentiality?)
****You DO NOT need to submit a Risk Management form with this assignment****


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