Psychology homework help

Write 500-1,000 words reflecting on two prescribed areas and one area of your choosing.
Part I 
Consider your journals you have written during this course. (Red Cross Volunteer work towards psychology and Paraeducator work towards psychology)
Reflect on the items you selected each week that connected to your education. (Red Cross Volunteer work and Paraeducator work towards Psychology)
How has the knowledge you have gained from your program of study assisted you in your volunteer experience? How do you see it assisting you in the future?
Part II
Consider all areas of student life such as general education requirements,  major, minor, emphasis, chapel, extracurricular, community service,  employment, faculty, administration, etc.
Address the following:

  1. In your opinion, what are one or two things that would have made your experience at Grand Canyon even better?
  2. Point out people and events in your Grand Canyon experience that had the most positive influence on you. Explain one or two of them.
  3. Explain how your Grand Canyon experience changed you personally, professionally, and spiritually.
  4. How do you see this whole experience impacting your future?
  5. In what specific ways are you better prepared for professional life?

Part III
Reflect on anything else related to your volunteer experience.
Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

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