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Please watch the Taylor 2 Dance company video.  This is a lecture demonstration so you will see sections of dances and there will be information before each performance that will give you more insight into the work.
Your response to the video needs to include the following for each of the three dances presented:
FOR EACH OF THE THREE DANCES IN THE VIDEO- you will go through the process described below- identify what image, story and/or feeling that dance gave you and why (200 wds). You will also describe how the narration before the dance helped you understand the dance better (150 wds). Your entire essay will be 1050 wds.
1. As you watch each dance (Airs, Pizzola Caldera and Esplanade) identify what images, feelings and/or stories you find in the work.  Now this is your own interpretation.  You do not have to think there is one definitive answer. BUT- you need to explain what about the movement, the interactions between dancers, the rhythms and speed, the costumes, the music led you to your conclusions. (200 wds each dance).
2. Describe what the narrator told you about the dance that helped you understand the dance better. (150 wds)


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