Reading homework help

Reading homework help.

  Case: The case for this week is: ‘The Merger of UCSF Medical Center and Stanford Health Services”, which is included in the HBSP case/reading packet.  This is the story of a merger of two large academic medical centers serving the San Francisco bay area.  The case provides opportunities to articulate the strategic rationale for merger, from the perspective of both sides of the deal, along with the processes of planning and implementation of the combination.  In addition, the case allows for analysis of the design processes for the merger, including linkages to the broader market and university context.  The discussion questions for the case are listed below:

  1. What environmental and market forces were UCSF and Stanford Health dealing with in the early 1990s?  Compare the positioning of these hospitals.
  2. What were the strategic rationales for this merger?
  3. How would you expect this merger to create value?
  4. Evaluate the implementation of the merger?

Assignment: Everyone should write a paper analyzing the UCSF-Stanford Health Merger case.  Please use the discussion questions to guide your analysis.  Please continue to respond to the discussion board questions. Submit your paper by clicking on the link below.

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Reading homework help


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