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For this assignment, you will choose your own adventure–that is, pick what you want to learn for this discussion/next class. You only have to choose ONE path below, but read all the texts in that path (most are very short).  I did my best to make each text set “equal”–I expect they will take somewhere around an hour of reading/listening, and all “paths” include podcasts/videos in addition to readings. I’ve also focused on popular texts (like podcasts and op-eds) rather than academic/scholarly texts. I want you to use this opportunity to  apply some of the ideas we’ve learned to these texts and/or read these popular texts with an academic eye. 
After you read the text set you’ve chosen, post a 300-word reflection where you discuss a) the connections you can make between the texts in your text set and b) the connections you can make to other ideas we’ve discussed in the class so far. Use examples from readings to indicate that you’ve read.
Important: Post your reflection by replying to the thread that corresponds to your chosen path. This will help me organize our class period on Tuesday and help you to see which classmates are writing about the same things as you.



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