>Reading homework help

>Reading homework help.

For this project, you are required to choose a movie to watch and you will complete a movie analysis using class concepts. ( Movie which I was choose is The Pursuit of Happiness ).
You must choose three concepts from the readings and lecture to analyze within the context of the movie you choose. These must be concepts that have been discussed in class. You will also need to get your movie approved by the instructor.
You will examine the characters’ communication using terms, concepts, principles, or theories covered in the course, and you will explain the relational outcomes. Your concepts should not be broad as in the title of an article (e.g., Communicating Closeness). Narrow and specific is expected (e.g. a specific concept/term explained in a reading or lecture). In addition, you will evaluate the competence (appropriate, effective, and ethical aspects) of the characters’ communication behaviors, and when applicable, offer concrete recommendation for improvement.
Your analysis will be 3-4 pages double spaced, and should exemplify college-level writing. The goal of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to apply course concepts to popular culture and media that is continuously consumed, as well as critically analyze relationships shown in popular culture.
Ability to Connect Concepts to Movie (50 points)
Three concepts were clearly connected to the movie, that was chosen by the student and approved by the instructor. The concepts are appropriately chosen, and very much so are applicable to the relationships seen in the movie.
Analysis (75 points)
In addition to connecting three concepts, the student shows a proper analysis, detailing not only why these concepts are appropriately connected, but also how they have an impact on the relationships in the movie. The student provided a well-rounded and balanced analysis that included an evaluation of the competence (appropriate, effective, and ethical aspects) of the characters’ communication behaviors, as well as offered concrete recommendations for improvement when necessary. The analysis was in-depth and well done, showing that the student thoroughly understands the concepts they chose to discuss.
Assignment Logistics (25 points)
The movie analysis is 3-4 pages double-spaced and is written to the college level, with no grammatical or spelling errors. The assignment was turned in via Canvas on time. The paper is written with appropriate language.
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>Reading homework help


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