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1. Read the case entitled Servant Leadership Takes Flight in Chapter 10 of your textbook. Provide a detailed and specific answer to each question at the end of the case. (1 page minimum)
2. Go to and watch the video Greenleaf Center “What Is Servant Leadership?”  The video discusses the beginnings of Servant Leadership and some of the foundational principles of Servant Leadership.  Summarize the key points of the video.  Do you agree with the principles of Servant Leadership? Why?  Why not? (1 page minimum)
3. In Chapter 10 of your textbook, you will find Ten Characteristics of a Servant Leader.  Briefly discuss each of the ten characteristics.  (1 page minimum):
1.Listening – acknowledging the viewpoint of followers and validating these perspectives.
2.Empathy – “standing in the shoes” of another person and attempting to see the world from that person’s point of view.
3.Healing – in helping followers become whole, servant leaders are themselves healed.
4.Awareness – understanding oneself and the impact one has on others.


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