Renaissance in Italy Essay Exa

The Renaissance in Italy developed after the fall of the Roman Empire. The Italian Renaissance marked the greatest times of the art scene. Art in Italy strengthened during Roman times. Art started evolving by being put in churches and caused a big impact on Christians and the art in Italy. All of these facts changed Italy and brought wealth and organization to their economy. The Renaissance allowed art to become popular in Italy from the 1300s-1500s. Lots of changes and creativity occurred throughout the years. Renaissance changed artistic expression by causing art to be more creative, changing political, social, economic, and culture. Italy had become very wealthy and art began to impact their lives.

In western Europe before the Renaissance in Italy, the economy mainly focused on world subjects rather than religion. Their world was full of disunity and disorder, which caused the focus on religion to decline. On page 410, Ellis and Esler state that “ humanists were pious Christians, but focused on worldly subjects rather than on the religious issues that had occupied medieval thinkers”. Before the Renaissance occurred everyone in the economy focused on worldly subjects. They also focused on religion, but it wasn’t the biggest focus at the time. Italians focused on still going to church, but nothing didn’t interest or impact the Christians lives. This event may have occurred because there wasn’t any control; this may have also occurred because religion could’ve been changing from the cause of a leader leaving or the Italians finding out false information about their religion. On page 410, Ellis and Esler state that “Their era, they felt was a time of rebirth after what they saw as the disorder and disunity of the medieval world”. This quote states that In Italy they were not united, nor did they have leaders for orders. This shows that the economy was not strong. Italy wasn’t a big impact or a strong economy. This event may have occurred because they had a bad leader or even no leader being present at all. There was a lack of order in western Europe, Italy, before the renaissance had begun. People in Italy may have not been unity around one another, so they felt that it was time for them to start over and come together to strengthen the economy. In Italy, they focused on other factors that were more important than religion. It seems as if they were all separated in the same economy, but didn’t come together until they wanted a change or noticed the problems in their world.

During the 1400s, trade had brought wealth to Italy. Italian merchants had led the development of new ideas that evolved to new art techniques; burning lines to create 3-D delusions, foreshortening, and realistic depth in an object. On page 411, Ellis and Esler state that “ Italian merchants led the growth of trade across Europe during the late middle ages, trade provided the wealth that fueled Italy”. The Italian merchants were the ones who had made trade a big deal and had a huge impact on many. They helped the wealth gain and development in their economy. This event may have been because Europeans felt as if they were a disordered economy because of the way their world worked and also because of the way everyone lived. This event supports the thesis because it explains how trade brought wealth in Italy and also mentioned who caused the come up during the Renaissance in Italy. On page 411, Ellis and Esler state that“ Trade routes also carried new ideas that were important in shaping the Renaissance “. This quote explains how the wealth of trade caused the development of new ideas and techniques. The economy was able to change and evolve because of the wealth. This may have been because the new ideas were what Italy became known for and that it brought them more money. This connects to the thesis because the Renaissance bought more creativity. Trade brought wealth and creativity to western Europe. These events caused Italy to be very well known and develop more knowledge.


In Italy, before the Renaissance occurred, their economy was not united, nor did they have any organization and orders to go by. They also focused on other things than religion. But once the Renaissance occurred trade brought wealth and new ideas to their economy. Religions had started to become big once art began to be used in churches. This event allowed Italy to become big for the products they traded or had bought to them. They traded with the Byzantine Empire and the U.S, which was the reason for their development. Trade and religion bought the powerful impact and development of artistic expression.


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