>Science homework help

>Science homework help.

For this assignment, you will complete the next  essay of the scenario-based case study. The essay should be a one- to two-page narrative focusing on arguments that support what the authors discuss in attachment , as well as other research that you conduct related to these concepts.
The questions below may help you in focusing your essay on the one or two concepts chosen.

  • The plume of a fire burning in the apartment contains three zones. What are the differences between the layers in the zones?
  • When a fire plume hits a ceiling, it spreads horizontally, radiating thermal energy and accelerating fire growth. Why is this important to understand?
  • A two-way flow occurs through the doorway of a fire room. The inflow through the lower portion of the opening is driven by air entrainment into the flames. The mass outflow through the upper portion of the opening is slightly higher due to the added mass of the combustion products. Why is this important for firefighters to understand?
  • The ventilation pattern can change during a fire. What determines the hot upper layer temperature and optical density during a fire in a compartment with an opening?
  • What is the neutral plane?
  • Why is understanding the neutral plane critical to life safety?
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>Science homework help


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