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Science homework help. Week 1 Assignment  IOC Recognized Sports
Using the most recent (2016) IOC list of Recognized Sports (non-Olympic sports), or those that are not in the Olympic Games: Which sport would you argue for inclusion, or to be dropped from the next Summer or Winter Olympics? Describe in detail (2 pages minimum) why you would add/drop that sport and what the advantages and disadvantages would be for that sports’ inclusion in the Games.
The difference between this assignment and your week 1 discussion is that your sports that will be included or not included in this assignment have nothing to do with event success and managing the event. This assignment has to do with inclusion or reduction of a sport based on your 1. preference, 2. popularity and 3. where you see these sports trending towards.
Please use outside references and cite your sources.
Sibson, R. (2011). Career choice perceptions of undergraduate event, sport and recreation management students: An Australian case study. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education (Oxford Brookes University), 10(2), 50–60.
Managing Personnel in Major Sport Event Organizations. (2007). Journal of Sport Management, 21(4), 607.
Østerlund, K. (2013). Managing voluntary sport organizations to facilitate volunteer recruitment. European Sport Management Quarterly, 13(2), 143–165.

  1. For Week 1 only, submission of a minimum of 300 words (excluding sources), no later than Sunday at 11:59 pm Eastern Time (ET).
  2. For Weeks 2-8, submission, with no minimum word requirement, no later than Wednesday at 11:59 pm Eastern Time (ET).
  3. Comprehension of concepts from course resources and weekly content section demonstrated.
  4. Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  5. Incorporation of weekly course resources and weekly content sections including the proper in-text citation of two (2) credible sources. A general example of an appropriate in-text citation would be (Smith, 2020). In-text citations are extremely important since they allow the reader (instructor or classmates), to know what was written by the student and what was provided from an external source. Also, students must provide the respective URL for sources utilized at the bottom of each discussion post. That way if your instructor or classmates would like to read more about your source, access will be available. Any URLs with broken links will not satisfy discussion requirements. However, the URLs for sources do not need to be formatted according to APA guidelines.
  6. Any specific instructions for the week.
  7. If a Week 1 Discussion has more than one part, the total number of words combined for the initial post needs to total a minimum of at least 300 words (each part does not need to be at least 300 words).

Replies should include the following elements at a minimum in order to receive full credit:

  1. Submission of a minimum of TWO replies.
  2. No sources are required for replies.
  3. Replies should address your classmates’ initial discussion post by the Sunday night deadline and meet the content requirements.
  4. Incorporation of incisive concepts from the course resources and weekly content sections.
  5. Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  6. Any specific instructions for the week.
  7. If a Week 1 Discussion has more than one part, students only need to provide two replies (not two replies for each part of the discussion question).


Science homework help


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