should you get a book ensorsement from a new writer

Who should I get to endorse my book? – In the months before your book is published, you should begin reaching out to fellow authors to request endorsements. Ideally, testimonials should come from authors in your field, and the more well-known the author is, the better for building credibility with potential readers.

When should you ask for a book endorsement? – Ideally, before your book is published. Think of authors you admire, known authors in your genre, or prominent figures in your field. Anyone who influences your audience is a good bet too. Plus, you can check to see who has endorsed books similar to yours (these are you comparable book titles).

Are book endorsements important? – Endorsements Lend Credibility to a Book The best way to gain credibility in the consumer’s eye is to have your book endorsed by someone who already has credibility. When consumers trust the person endorsing your book, they trust that you are a credible author.

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