Social Science homework help

Social Science homework help. Term Paper Guidelines
Submission: Submit to Turnin by 17:00 pm, 11 May 2020.
Length: 2,500-3,000 words (approximate; not including endnotes or bibliography, no marks deducted or gained if it is longer, e.g. 4,000 words)
Requirements: You will write a term paper on a how a certain group is affected by a certain type of disaster and give recommendations of what can be done to help this group
1. Pick a type of disaster and country (or city) — preferably Asian but doesn’t have to be
• Don’t pick a specific disaster (e.g., don’t pick 2011 Bangkok floods but instead pick flooding in Bangkok)
2. Pick a group which is vulnerable to the disaster (e.g., women, children, indigenous communities, slum dwellers)
3. Discuss how they’re vulnerable (e.g., economic losses, deaths, livelihood problems, health risks, etc.)
• Give examples
4. Discuss why they’re vulnerable, including the political, economic and cultural drivers/reasons
• Give examples if possible
5. Discuss the role of the government in affecting their vulnerability
6. It might be helpful to use the Pressure and Release Model
7. Imagine that you’re a NGO with some funding to help them – what would you do to reduce their vulnerability?
• Link your solutions to the drivers of vulnerability

Social Science homework help


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