Social Science homework help

Social Science homework help. Research Proposal Template
This template is designed to support the Master Candidate (Researcher) in writing the Research Proposal. The Proposal helps students reflect on their knowledge in research methods. It also provides City University of Macau the information needed to evaluate for appropriateness of the topic and methodology, and for how well the Researcher can clearly demonstrate research objectives and significance, and present the information in a scholarly format and tone.
Thesis “Research Proposal” – Template
The Research Proposal template is a pre-developed page layout for use in preparing the Research Proposal.  It is provided to all Researchers upon entering the Thesis Stage.  Students are required to prepare a Research Proposal using the Template provided below.  A brief description of what is needed is included in the title page and follows each required heading of the text and Time Schedule Chart.  The Template is formatted according to APA 6th Edition. All work by the Researcher must comply with the APA standards. Complete the “Research Proposal” using the Template below.  Utilize the guidance and expertise of your mentor when planning your research.  Once complete and approved by your mentor, you will then be granted permission to develop your thesis. You will find the template below.
General Formatting Guidelines
APA format is universally accepted by the academic community as the standard for scholarly manuscripts and publications.  Students are responsible for ensuring their dissertation complies with APA 6th Edition criteria, along with accurate grammar, scholarly tone, and instructions in the CUM Thesis Template. Your manuscript text should be in Times New Roman, black, 12 pt font, with double spacing, paragraphs flush left with the first line of every paragraph indented 5 spaces.


(Delete all notes in red after adding your text [in black] information)
Length minimum of 1000 words, 2000 words maximum –

  1. Title of the Thesis

… The title must include the key issue(s) identified in your summary

  1. Research Problem

… Describe the research problem based on current literature review (other studies)

  1. Significance of Research

… Why is your study worthy of research? What do you expect will happen from your study?

  1. Research Questions

… What are the specific questions your study will answer? List them in order of importance in question form, with explanations as to why this question connects to the Research Problem and Significance of Research.

  1. Research Methodology

… List the type of research you will conduct (quantitative or qualitative) and the analysis approach(es) you will use.

  1. Data Sources

… Describe the data source participants… who are the primary data source participating people: age, gender, income, etc., and why are these people relevant to the study?

  1. Research Plan – Time Schedule

… Describe your project plan chronologically using a Gantt Chart (see below); adjust this to fit YOUR study expectations by replacing the word “TASK” and list the actual task that will be utilized… TASK 1 è Data collection, TASK 2 è Secondary data collection, etc.!

Activity   Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug
Task 1                        
Task 2                        
Task 3                        
Task 4                        
Task 5                        


  1. References (always start References on a separate page – delete this note)

… Be sure to have ample research support academic sources for all major points adhering to APA standards.

Social Science homework help


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