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In Unit 1, you identified recent technological advancements that have impacted human beings. In Unit 2, you analyzed the life cycle of a social problem related to that technological advancement. In Unit 3, you explained the impact of this technological advancement on both individuals and society. In Unit 4, you identified key stakeholders that you plan to engage as a change agent to solve a technologically related social problem. In Unit 5, you created moral justifications for the reforms you are advocating to stakeholders.
Now, you will write a proposal to present these ideas to your target audience. In this regard, you are going to explain the significance of this issue, choose a solution to the problem, and create a strategy for implementing that solution. Make sure your proposal is written in a format appealing to the target audience. To this end, use insights you developed from previous exercises to guide your writing of this proposal.
Please include the following components in your proposal:
I.  Executive Summary
II.  Introduction
III.  Goals/Objectives
IV. Needs/Problem
V.  Proposed Solution
VI. Conclusion
VII. References
References: Be sure your references support your proposal and are in APA format.
Make sure to support each point with facts derived from valid outside sources selected with the methods covered in this week’s discussion post. Please submit your writing assignment in an outline format (see example attached to this prompt). Be sure to cite all sources using APA formatting style (Links to an external site.).
Use the attached template as your guide, as yours must look just like it.  Remember to change the page numbers to correspond to the correct pages of your sections.

Assignment Files:

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