Social Science homework help

Introduction to Public Relations Theory
Internal relations vs, external relations
Required Text:

“Effective Public Relations,” 11th edition, Glen M. Broom and Bey-Ling Sha. Chapter 10: “External Media and Media Relations”
After reading Chapter 10 “External Media and Media Relations” in your course textbook we will talk about the importance of media relations and building good relationships with the media, as well as how internal communications can help employees feel happier in the workplace and how that can benefit companies.

Discussion Board Post: Thoughts on Domino’s Pizza Apology

Please watch the Domino’s apology video.

  • What do you think the CEO did well from a PR perspective?
  • What do you think he could have done differently?
  • Do you think the CEO showed he understood why customers were concerned?
  • Also, make sure to comment on the actual messaging/statement the CEO shared.
  • What wording did you like/not like?



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