Sociology homework help

Answer this for the paper that is being worked on .
Strategic Issue:
Issue (what is going on)
What is 1 ethical problem created by your strategic issue?
What ethical perspective or framework will you discuss to address ethical issues?
Systems Thinking
What 1 systems archetype and learning disability is impacting the strategic issue?
Which of the 5 disciplines will aid in addressing the strategic issue?.
Organizational Dynamics
What are the implications of the strategic issue from each of the four frames?
What insights do the four frames provide in addressing the strategic issue?
Collaboration and Teams
What is the impact of teams and the need for collaboration on the strategic issue?
As the leader, how would you encourage needed collaboration and/or teamwork?
What is the change needed to address the strategic issue?
Which change model will be used to achieve change?
Integrated Leadership Analysis
Leadership Approaches:  Leadership Grid, Situational Leadership, Path Goal, LMX, Transformational, Servant, Authentic and/or Adaptive Leadership
What critical issues from above analyses must be addressed
What 2 leadership approaches would enhance your effectiveness in addressing the strategic issue?


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