Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help.

As a response to this post, and making direct references to the learning resources for this week, give your own assessment of the value of studying gender, particularly from a sociological standpoint. How can the Sociology of Gender affect our world outside this classroom? Some ideas (you do not have to comment on all of these; they are just prompts for thinking):
·  What are some under- (or un-) investigated issues that the Sociology of Gender could address?
·  Why is gender an important topic for sociological research?
·  How does research in the Sociology of Gender contribute to social movements working toward gender equality?
·  What is the relationship between the Sociology of Gender and feminism?
·  What is something you learned this session that you’ll take with you outside of this class?
·  What have you learned that you wish other people knew?
·  Is there any learning resource from this class that you will share with others? Why?
·  Would you recommend that other people in your major (or in other majors) take a course on gender, or this course in particular?
·  What do you believe is the value of the Sociology of Gender as a field, and as part of a university curriculum?

Sociology homework help


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