Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help. The NASW Code of Ethics makes a number of  statements about social workers’ responsibility to study, use, and  engage in research and evaluation. In the past, many social workers had  difficulty thinking of themselves as knowledgeable and capable in  research, despite completing the required research course in school.  Think of yourself as a part of a new breed of social workers. You are  completing your education at a point in time that places great emphasis  on both research and evaluation. You also have greater access to  published research than ever before. Research knowledge and skills are  like muscles—if you do not use them, they will atrophy. You have an  ethical obligation as a social worker to exercise and flex your research  muscle. Consider how the NASW Code of Ethics guides your professional  research.

Post an

  1.  analysis of how you can  apply new knowledge and skills related to research and evaluation,  acquired in this course to your future career.
  2. Identify specific  knowledge and strategies and how you intend to apply them.
  3. Identify  those skills that you believe will be most applicable to achieving your  future goals.


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Chapter 1, “Evaluation and Social Work: Making the Connection” (pp. 1–26)
Chapter 4, “Common Types of Evaluations” (pp. 71-89)
Chapter 5, “Focusing an Evaluation” (pp. 90-105)


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Sociology homework help


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