Sociology homework help

You should write a cohesive essay with a short introduction and conclusion.
You may use quotes sparingly. Be sure to go beyond your lecture notes and draw specifically on the readings of the course, using specific examples.
Your paper should be double-spaced, with one-inch margins, 12-point font, and should not exceed 5 pages.
Define and explain any concepts you use and use specific evidence and arguments from the readings.* Note that I mentioned this twice in a short list of instructions.
Cultural Hegemony: Dominance and Resistance Through Hip Hop
First: Drawing upon Su’ad Abdul Khabeer’s book, Muslim Cool: Race, Religion, and Hip Hop in the United States, explain the concept “Muslim Cool”. How are both Black and non-Black Muslim youth drawing upon Muslim Cool in ways that fight racial oppression and broaden the definition of Muslimness? How is hip hop key in this effort?
Finally: Stuart Hall argued that “Cultural hegemony is never about pure victory or pure domination (that’s not what the term means); it is never a zero- sum cultural game; it is always about shifting the balance of power in relations of culture; it is always about changing the dispositions and configurations of cultural power, not getting out of it.”
Draw upon this idea to explain how the United States has used hip hop as a form of diplomacy. Be sure to describe their aims in using hip-hop. How might this limit the impact and goals of Muslim Cool?
✦ Should be a cohesive essay with introduction and conclusion
✦ Should be your own work; you may not collaborate; must be original ✦ Quotes can be used sparingly (should not be used to define concepts) ✦ Essay should not exceed 5 pages double-spaced
✦ Standard one-inch margins
✦ Pages should be numbered
✦ Name should be on top of first page
✦ Should be .pdf file
✦ Be sure to carefully edit your paper for spelling, grammar and typos
✦ Cite your sources!
✦ Include a bibliography


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