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Problem formulation and research question: A well-done problem formulation makes a strong case about why an existing problem needs to be studied. It presents prior research and data to support the need to study an existing problem. It clearly describes that aspect of the problem the researcher wishes to study and some good reasons why this is so. And finally, it briefly explains how the researcher hopes to approach the problem, methodologically, and describes the paradigm without going into detail on what to expect in the methodology section. This paper should be 3-5 pages, double-spaced and in APA format. Your paper should also contain 3 sources. Please include a title page and reference page (title page and reference page are not considered part of the 3-5 page requirement).
Please include the following information in your problem formulation:
General statement of the purpose
The purpose of this study is to ….
Significance of study for agency and social work

  • Brief history of agency and clientele it serves
  • Brief history of program/problem as it pertains to the agency
  • Prior research and data you have looked at the supports the need to study this problem

Statement of the problem to be studied

  • Your actual research question goes here
  • Reasons why your research question should be studied (as it pertains to agency and/or clientele)

How researcher plans to approach this problem (in terms of methodology & without going into too much detail)

  • Indicate researcher will utilize a quantitative study that is descriptive and explanatory to examine the problem.
  • Indicate if researcher will use an instrument (questionnaire or survey), participants (18 years or older), or review of records. No need to indicate what type of questions or specific information you will look for yet.


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