Sociology homework help

Select a social problem, phenomenon or movement of your choice and discuss it through the lens of the structural-functional, social conflict and the symbolic interaction perspectives. (40 Points)
1. Describe the social problem, phenomenon or movement and explain the reasons behind your selection (i.e. Why that issue interested you or is important to you?). Cite sources and provide web-links as needed. (Length: At least 250 words; Max Points: 10)
2. Discuss the social problem, phenomenon or movement separately from the structural-functional, social conflict and symbolic interaction perspectives. Devote similar length when discussing each of the perspectives. In essence, you are asked to look at the same issue from  the three different perspectives. (Length: At least 250 for EACH perspective; Max Points: 10 for EACH perspective.)
3. Use ASA (American Sociological Association) citation format ( Style.pdf (Links to an external site.)) to acknowledge sources if references are used.
4. Please indicate work count at the end of your essay.


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