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Education is a social institution, and its processes and structures are shaped by the larger social, political, economic and cultural processes unique to different national settings. This semester, through readings and discussions we have explored the various mechanisms that shape educational systems around the globe and the subtle ways in which formal educational processes reinforce and often reproduce existing social and economic relationships and inequalities. Sociological research on education (particularly comparative research) provides data which can be used to better understand the root causes of systemic problems in education as well as suggest actionable avenues for possible improvements and solutions to a wide range of social problems. For this Discussion post, I would like for you to address the idea of social change and reflect on the issues of policy and reform in education. In your view, what changes are required to our educational system? What issues are most pressing or most consequential? What legislation, regulation or specific reforms would be most successful in addressing these issues? How could such policy changes be implemented?


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