starbucks dress code 2021

What should Starbucks employees wear? – Wear pants, shorts, skirts or dresses in black, gray, navy, brown and khaki (no white). Jeans are welcome too, in darker washes and hues only (no light tones). All clothing must be durable, practical and fit comfortably, without rips, tears, patches or distress.

Does Starbucks have a dress code for customers? – Dresses must follow the requirements for shirts and skirts. Accents such as a necktie or a small neck scarf are optional. If worn, a tie or scarf must be in a solid color, simple pattern or print that is in harmony with the shirt and does not distract from the apron. Neon, white or distracting patterns are not allowed.

Can I wear sweatpants to Starbucks? – The only light colors permitted for Starbucks employee bottoms are grays and khaki (forget the white, even in the summer). Other types of pants that Starbucks employees can’t get away with include jeans with holes, baggy jeans, jeans that are too long, leather pants, athletic pants, and sweatpants.

Why does Starbucks have a dress code? – As ambassadors of the Starbucks brand, you should feel proud of your own look as you tie on the green apron. Our Dress Code reflects the professionalism you bring to your craft, the commitment to making every moment right and the inclusive welcome at the heart of our brand.

Is the Starbucks dress code strict? – I worked at Starbucks – why you should make a key request on every coffee order. If you’ve got a bunch of sparkling piercings around the edges of your ears, you can’t wear those to work. You’ll also have to skip out on other facial jewelry like eyebrow piercings, lip piercings, and bridge piercings.

Can I wear Converse to work at Starbucks? – No, non slip shoes and must be closed toe. You can wear Vans, but they’d have to be brown or black with only small accent colors. Suede is not allowed, and they’d have to be non-slip.

Can I wear my hair down at Starbucks? – 8 answers. Any as long as you hair is in a ponytail or grabbed up past your shoulders. Yes it is but your hat cannot have any logos other than the Starbucks. Yeah you have to put your hair up.

Does Starbucks provide a uniform? – You’ll have to use your Starbucks Cap and Green apron, but actually you don’t have any other uniform. All black attire. Name tag, apron and logo hat is a must.

Is working at Starbucks hard? – So overall, no it’s not hard. It’s a fair enviorment that will keep you busy. It takes time and practice to learn the position. Once you get the hang of things being a barista is fun and not that hard.

Can you wear baggy jeans at Starbucks? – Grays and khaki are the only light colors approved for Starbucks staff bottoms (forget the white, even in the summer). Additionally, Starbucks employees cannot wear holes in their jeans, baggy jeans, too-long jeans, leather trousers, sports pants, or sweatpants.

Can you wear nails at Starbucks? – FINGERNAILS. Keep your nails clean, short to medium- length. No nail polish (this includes gel or Shellac®) because it can chip off and fall into our food or beverages. SHOES.

How many breaks do you get at Starbucks? – Starbucks gives their employees 10 minute breaks and 30 minute lunches. Yes, one 10 minute break for part time or one 30 minute break for full time usually. You get a 30 minute lunch or a 10 minute break depending on how long your shift is.

Can I wear a hoodie at Starbucks? – As noted, hoodies are a no-go — that restriction is not new. Fedoras are allowed as long as they are in subtle patterns and colors. Baseball caps with sports logos are not allowed. Hats: Fedoras, bowlers and plain, solid-color baseball caps are all OK.

Is working for Starbucks good? – Starbucks is a terrific company to begin any career in beverage service. The barista training guidelines are fantastic and comprehensive, and the company sets you up for success. Starbucks offers a full benefits package to even part-time employees: health, dental, vision and 401k/stock options.


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