Statistics homework help

Ask yourself, “during the school year, how many hours do I spend, on average on school related work
per week – for example, reading books, attending class, doing homework, and writing papers. Record
your value of estimated hours spent per week. Then ask a random sample of at least 10 students the
same question. Test the hypothesis using  = .05 that the average of all the students is the same as
yours. Then I want you to create a 95% confidence interval of average of all students.
I then want you to present you research at the final class using a Powerpoint presentation. I want the
set of slides to be structured as follows:
Slide 1:
Research Question
Hypothesis to be tested
Level of significance chosen
Slide 2:
Student Hours Studied/week
Slide 3:
Critical value
Statistic and calculated value
Confidence Interval
Slide 4:


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