Statistics homework help

Statistics homework help. Course Project Deliverable Instructions

  1. A complete excel file that includes your variable definition tables and your analysis for each of the descriptive analyses and inferential analyses (hypotheses testing).
  2. A complete project report with the following content:

Section One: Introduction (review and the introduction slides from UA)

  • A brief introduction of Clark University (one to two paragraph)
  • A brief introduction of University Advancement (one paragraph)
  • A brief introduction of the major donor profiles (one paragraph)

Section Two: Descriptive analyses (answer the following questions with supportive figures and tables) 

  • Which funds receives the most gifts? # of gifts & Total amount?
  • What combination of fund category and fund unit receive the most donations & dollars? (hint: create a new data field using “fund category” & ”fund unit”)
  • Which gift payment method is more popular in terms of the number of gifts and the total gift amount?
  • What time of year (quarters, months) does Clark receives the most gift? (hint: focus only on quarters and months)
  • Can you identify specific individual donors that have increased their giving annually? i.e. from $100 to $1,000 (hint: donors don’t have to donate every year. you just need to analyze the amount of each of their gifts)
  • How does donors’ gift frequency play a role in their overall giving amounts? (Hint: using data from the donor data file)
  • Does event attendance have an effect on donors’ overall giving? (Hint: using correlation and pivot chart or plot)
  • Do larger donors ($2K+ annually) give more frequently? Do they tend to support multiple funds? (Hint: larger donors need to donate more than 2K in every of their donations, donations need to be more than one time)
  • Could you tell whether there is a significant association between the life-time donation and the following donor factors, including Alumni status,  Academic Degree at Clark, Class year, Sports Clubs, Honor students, geographic location, Donation frequency, etc? (Hint: code missing values as “0”)

Section Three: Inferential analysis

  • State your hypotheses.
  • Specify your linear regression model for hypotheses testing
  • Results with supportive tables and figures.

Section Four: Conclusion and suggestions to Clark University Advancement.

Statistics homework help


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