Statistics homework help

1. Locate a SPSS dataset(s) that you can use to demonstrate one of the three research designs discussed in class (Experimental Designs, Correlational Designs, Survey Designs).
2. Write a four- to five-page paper discussing your research design and how the dataset fits, and what type of SPSS analysis you will use to test your research.
3. Run the SPSS analysis on your dataset to illustrate your research design, include pertinent tables and proper phasing where appropriate (Be sure and phase your results using the exact terminology used in your Cronk textbook).
4. In your SPSS analysis please include all of the descriptive analyses (tables, charts, graphs, etc.) that was demonstrated in your Cronk textbook chapters 1 – 4.
5. Include a SPSS codebook for every dataset used (see below for an example).
6. Add the SPSS output information to the end of your paper (starting on a new page).


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