Statistics homework help

Statistics homework help. Depreciation of an asset is an example of real-world problem that functions can
help solve. Consider this example. Your new car depreciates in value every year
you own it. Its cost is $30,000 new, and it depreciates at 15% per year. Functions
will help you determine how much it is worth after five years:
N = number of years.
Using this function: V = $30,000 (.85⁵
After 5 years, the depreciated value of the car would be $13,311.16.
In this posting:
Describe an example of a real world situation that you could use functions to
help solve practical problems. Consider such examples as investments,
amount of money needed to save for retirement or to pay off a student loan, or
appreciation of assets.
Calculate specific numbers in your example. For example, if you selected the
amount of money you need to save for retirement or to pay off a student loan,
consider your age, income, ability to save, income, interest rates, and so on.

Statistics homework help


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