Statistics homework help

Statistics homework help. Part A (50 Points):
Various men and women throughout history have made important contributions to the development of statistical science.   Select any one (1) individual from the list below and write a 2 page summary of their influence on statistics.  Be specific in detail to explain the concepts they developed and how this advanced our understanding and application of statistics.
Florence Nightingale
Francis Galton
Thomas Bayes
Part B (50 Points):
Select any one statistical concept you learned in this course and explain how it can be applied to our understanding of the Covid-19 pandemic (2 pages).   You should use a specific example and include at least one diagram to illustrate your answer.
Please note:   Your work must be original and not copied directly from other sources.    No citations are needed.   Be sure to submit this assignment in Blackboard on the due date specified.

Statistics homework help


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