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Export Plan Project
 Objective: to create an export plan .
 Examine the market where you will be exporting product
 Size of market (demographics, socioeconomic state,
urban/rural); sales that you expect.
 Socio-cultural acceptance of product–adaptation necessary?
 Legal/bureaucratic environment (imports, local manufacture,
 Competition in market.
 Economic and political climate for foreign business.
 Methods for marketing and distribution.
 Managerial and labor climate.
 Financial viability (profit margin, currency translation, profit
 Summary – Conclusions.
 Identify what product or service you will be
 What country have you selected to market your
 What kind of exporting will you be conducting?
Market and the Opportunity
 Economic and Socioeconomic Market Issues.
 Any Significant Cultural Issues Within the Market?
 Political and Legal Climate Issues?
 Any Intellectual Property Rights Issues?
 How is the labor climate?
Four P Issues
 Any Product differentials, patents unique propositions?
 How will the product/service be promoted.
 Any pricing strategy?
 How are you going to get the product to the market?
 Any competition the marketplace to consider.
Organization/Supply Chain
 Are you going to export from the U.S. into a market
using domestic people only?
 Are you going to export through an international agent,
distributor or your own internal company sales group?
 Are you going to be selling to a company subsidiary?
 How is your company organized? Import/Export
department, international department or outside trading
Financial Benefits/Summary
 Any Foreign Exchange issues?
 Do you have a sales budget?
 What kind of margins do you plan to make?
 Any financial restrictions from the government?
 Conclude


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