Statistics homework help

Statistics homework help.

  1. Present two different types of data, or variables, used in the health field. Examples could be blood pressure, temperature, pH, pain rating scales, pulse oximetry, % hematocrit, minute respiration, gender, age, ethnicity, etc.
  2. Classify each of your variables as qualitative or quantitative and explain why they fall into the category that you chose.
  3. Also, classify each of the variables as to their level of measurement–nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio–and justify your classifications.
  4. Which type of sampling could you use to gather your data? (stratified, cluster, systematic, and convenience sampling
  1. Choose one example that is Qualitative and one that is Quantitative.

150 words with reference and in text citation.
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This is an example:
1. Type of Data–Eye Color from 10 people living in my neighborhood.
Green, Brown, Brown, Blue, Hazel, Brown, Blue, Green, Hazel, Brown
2.  This data type is Qualitative because eye color is a quality people possess.
3.  This level of measurement is Nominal because eye color could only be used to categorize or describe a person.
4.  This could be Convenience Sampling because these just happen to be the people who I passed on a walk and they were the only ones available.  Or, this could be Systematic if I lived in a busy neighborhood and I recorded the eye color of every 5th person I passed.

Statistics homework help


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