things you should never say to a writer

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Do agents dislike prologues? – Andrea Brown of Andrea Brown Literary Agency puts it like this: Most agents hate prologues. Just make the first chapter relevant and well written.

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Do readers skip prologue? – So writers would do well to sit up and take notes. Ask most readers across the globe, and they’ll unequivocally tell you they tend to skip the prologue. Maybe writers should be doing the same thing.

Do literary agents care about age? – Your age will not be a problem in looking for an agent or a publisher. Here’s why: Querying agents and publishers involves submitting query letters and manuscripts through the mail. There is absolutely no way they are going to know how old you are unless you tell them.

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Do writers get tired of writing? – The condition is frustrating, emotionally draining, and affects confidence. The symptoms of writer’s fatigue include some of the following. Unfortunately, there is no magic remedy that will ease this roadblock in your writing; however, there are a few ways you can reduce its impact over time.

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Can a publisher steal your book? – Here’s why reputable agents and publishers are not going to steal from you. They can’t steal it wholesale because you can show that you wrote it and submitted it. By writing it, you automatically own the copyright to those words. (Not the ideas, that would require a patent.)

Can an editor steal your book? – The short answer to the question can an editor steal your book is quite simply no. While we can’t say that it has never happened in publishing history, there is no documented case of this occurring.

Can someone steal your book idea? – Because, yes, someone can steal your idea. If you hand them your pitch or outline or character sheet, those people can take it and do something with it.


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