what should a writer offer on patreon

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Should authors use Patreon? – However, authors and illustrators who have a pre-existing audience, and the time, resources, and motivation to build a Patreon, will find it highly rewarding, not only as an alternative source of income, but because it’s a great way to build relationship and engagement with their readers and biggest fans.

Can an author have a Patreon? – Yes, Patreon can be a great way to supplement your income as an indie author. But there are certain caveats you need to keep in mind if you’re considering dedicating time to establishing a Patreon platform.

How many followers should you have before starting a Patreon? – When launching a Patreon, you need to keep in mind that roughly 5% of your existing fans will pledge to your Patreon. So, if you have 100 dedicated fans of your work, you can expect around 5 of them will pledge to you.

Can I sell books on Patreon? – Yes, You Can Self-Publish Your Book Online. Here’s What You Need to Know | Patreon Blog.

How should I price my Patreon?

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How often should you post on Patreon? – Frequency of Posting Our general advice is that if you’re producing more than 4 pieces of content a month, go monthly. If you’re pumping out more than 4 blog posts, videos, comics, or cute little creatures that you want to charge for — you should probably be a monthly creator.


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