which of the following is an advantage of decentralization

Which of the following is an advantage of decentralized activities? – In a centralized decision-making system, the head office takes decisions, not the branches. Thus, in a decentralized decision-making system, the top management does not have the obligation to make decisions, so they are free to focus on the long-term strategies of the organization.

Which of the following is an advantage of a decentralized organization quizlet? – The primary advantage of decentralization is that managers at the lower levels of the organization are usually “closer to the action” and can make more informed and quicker decisions based on local information.

What are the advantages and advantages of decentralized government? – Advantages of decentralization include better, more timely decisions and increased motivation. Since it also eases the burden on top management, there is less management firefighting, or day-to-day problem solving. It also facilitates diversification and the development of junior management.

What are the advantages of decentralized decision-making system? – The greater the degree of decentralisation, the more effective becomes the span of control. It leads to the effective supervision as managers at the lower levels have complete authority to make changes in work assignment, to change production schedules, to recommend promotions and to take disciplinary actions.

Which of the following is an advantage of decentralized organization over centralized organization? – Faster decision-making While centralized organizations have to wait for decisions to be approved, decentralized organizations are independent enough to make decisions quickly. This is especially important when fast solutions are necessary to prevent losing a customer.

What are the advantages of centralization and decentralization? – Centralisation of authority strengthens top management; and it is in a position to provide outstanding leadership to the whole enterprise by virtue of its vast authority. Under decentralisation, top management is rather weak; as most of its powers are given away among lower levels of management.

Which of the following is an advantage of decentralized organizational structure? – Advantages of decentralized organizations include increased expertise at each division, quicker decisions, better use of time at top management levels, and increased motivation of division managers.

Which of the following are disadvantages of decentralization quizlet? – The major disadvantages of decentralization include: Lower-level managers may make decisions without fully understanding the company’s overall strategy. If lower-level managers make their own decisions independently of each other, coordination may be lacking.

Which of the following is an example of a decentralized organizational system? – An example of a decentralized organization is a fast-food franchise chain. Each franchised restaurant in the chain is responsible for its own operation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of decentralized stores? – › 2010/05 › decentr…

What is a decentralization importance? – Important arguments in favor of decentralizing government are that it: creates an efficient and reliable administration, intensifies and improves local development, better ensures the rights of the local population to have a voice in government, and better protects minorities.

Which condition is an advantage of decentralized HR services? – › top-pros-cons-decentralized…

What is an advantage of centralization Mcq? – Question: 863 An advantage of centralization is : it achieves more conformity and coordination. decision can be made more quickly.

What decentralization means? – Definition of decentralization 1 : the dispersion or distribution of functions and powers a decentralization of powers specifically, government : the delegation of power from a central authority to regional and local authorities the decentralization of the state’s public school system government decentralization.

What are the main features of decentralization? – › questions › what-are-the-features-of-d…

What are the characteristics of decentralization? – › questions › what-are-the-features-of-d…

Which of the following is not a feature of a decentralized organization? – ‘Instil non-confidence among local communities’ is not the characteristic of decentralisation.

Which of the following does not characteristics of decentralization Mcq? – ‘Instil non-confidence among local communities’ is not the characteristic of decentralisation.

Why might a company decentralize its decision making authority? – Decentralization allows immediacy in time and place, hence responsiveness. 2. Reliability through compliance. For some tasks, it is desirable or necessary to have common rules across the operating units: policies, standards, methods, procedures, or systems.


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